• Collaboration between Mitsubishi Motors in the UK and OVO Energy sees the return of the innovative 10,000 Free Green Miles offer
  • Offer is intended to actively encourage new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV customers to opt for a more sustainable form of transport
  • The offer is available to Mitsubishi Buy Online customers who order a car between May 18 and September 30 2020
  • Mitsubishi Buy Online customers can now reserve a new vehicle for just £99 and have free home delivery – a saving of £100
  • Outlander PHEV drivers need only switch to OVO Energy’s 100% green EV Everywhere bundle, which includes free Polar Plus membership

Customers who purchase a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can now enjoy 10,000* miles of free, green, electric motoring provided by OVO Energy. The need for a more sustainable future still exists and with drastically reduced capacity on public transport for the foreseeable future, for example, there will be a greater requirement than ever for more eco-friendly vehicles, when driving is necessary.

By purchasing a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV via the Mitsubishi Buy Online portal, with a reduced deposit of just £99 and free home delivery (and trade-in collection) worth £100, customers are not only able to upgrade to a greener vehicle right away, they are also being offered 10,000 miles of electric motoring if they switch their domestic supply to OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere bundle*. The offer is available to retail and business customers who order and register a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV between May 18 and September 30, 2020.

To ensure a consistent supply of free green electricity, customers will receive £20.40 each month into their OVO Energy account for the 24-month duration of the offer, encouraging customers to fully exploit the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s electric range of 28 miles (WLTP). In addition, customers can benefit from a Polar Plus membership as part of the OVO Energy EV Everywhere bundle, meaning they can enjoy hassle-free charging at one of 7,000 locations throughout the UK.

Travelling 10,000 miles in “Electric Vehicle mode” represents a 1,610 tonne reduction in tailpipe CO2 emissions compared to driving a car that produces 100g/km of CO2, while also reducing noise and pollution in urban areas and stop-go traffic, where combustion-engine vehicles are at their least efficient.

Rob Lindley, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK said:
“Despite the restrictions, we are still able to prepare and deliver new vehicles safely to people’s homes for free, and we’re also able to provide new Outlander PHEV customers the option of driving 10,000 environmentally-responsible miles for free, thanks to our partnership with OVO Energy. One positive outcome of the crisis is the lower noise and air pollution, particularly in urban areas, giving us a taste for what the future could be like with more electrified vehicles on the road.”

Justin Cockerill, Managing Director of Smart Products, OVO Energy commented:
"We're excited to collaborate with Mitsubishi Motors to offer OVO Energy customers the opportunity to earn rewards from smart charging their electric vehicle. Our EV Everywhere bundle helps customers have more control over their total energy usage, with a complete at-home and on-the-go energy solution, enabling zero-carbon driving."



The offer is calculated using our published Electric Energy Consumption (weighted combined) figure of 3.68m/kWh, which for 10,000 miles equates to 2,717kWh of energy. Using OVO Energy’s tariff of 18.01p/kWh (tariffs vary according to region, but the offer utilises OVO’s most expensive at the time the offer terms were set) equates to approximately £490. Customers’ OVO Energy accounts are credited with monthly payments of £20.40 over 24 months.

The offer requires customers to sign up to OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere bundle on a two-year fixed tariff and equates to £490 worth of free green electricity which the customer receives in the form of 24 monthly credits of £20.40.

The bundle includes a free BP Chargemaster Polar Plus Membership, worth £188 over two years, allowing access to thousands of UK charge points.

The offer is applicable to new customers only, ordered and registered between May 18 and September 30. The offer is available in conjunction with certain other offers but certain exclusions apply. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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With more than 50,000 registered in the UK since 2014, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the UK’s most popular plug-in vehicle with a real-world EV range of 28 miles, emissions of 46g/km and an official fuel economy figure of 139.7 mpg (WLTP). A recent survey of Outlander PHEV customers reveals that half their average weekly mileage is driven in electric mode, with 68% charging at least once per day and 90% charging several times (2-3 times or more) per week. 83% would recommend an Outlander PHEV to family and friends and 25% say they are considering a pure electric vehicle for the next vehicle, making it a true gateway vehicle towards an all-EV future and an important step on the road to zero.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a global automobile company based in Tokyo, Japan, which particular expertise in SUVs, pickup trucks, electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Since producing its first car more than a century ago, it has demonstrated an ambitious and often disruptive approach by developing new vehicle genres and pioneering cutting-edge technologies. Mitsubishi Motors’ brand strategy is expressed in its “Drive your Ambition” tagline, reflecting the personal drive and forward-looking attitude of the brand and its customers, underpinned by its continuous investment in innovative new technologies as well as attractive and authentic new vehicles for ambitious drivers all around the world.

OVO Energy was founded in 2009 and redesigned the energy experience to be fair, effortless, green and simple for all customers. Today OVO Energy and its Retail partners serve nearly 5 million customers, all striving to deliver more affordable clean energy for everyone. OVO is on a mission through its sustainability strategy Plan Zero to tackle the most important issue of our time; the climate crisis, by bringing our customers with us on the journey towards zero carbon living. OVO Energy has committed to being a net zero carbon business and achieve bold science-based carbon reduction targets by 2030, while helping members halve their carbon footprint at the same time.

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