Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME) has recorded a 19% increase in volume, with 165,259 sales in 2018 compared to 139,365 sales in 2017.

Most distributors within Mitsubishi Motors Europe’s markets have recorded a substantial double-digit growth, with over 40% increases in France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

-              Germany:                         52,196 sales                      + 15%

-              The UK:                             30,952 sales                      + 17%

-              Spain:                                13,461 sales                      + 24%

-              France:                              7, 303 sales                        + 64%

-              Italy:                                   7,262 sales                         + 41%

-              The Netherlands:          7,203 sales                         + 43%

-              Poland:                              5,894 sales                         + 48%

-              Norway:                             5,513 sales                         -

-              Austria:                              5,507 sales                         + 14%

-              Sweden:                            5,131 sales                         - 4%

-              Switzerland:                    4,799 sales                         + 46%

-              Belgium:                           3,531 sales                         + 17%

*MME data / excl. RU & UA / incl. L200

This performance is an indication of Mitsubishi Motors global plan for growth and has been aided with the release of new models such the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, a pro-active Sales & Marketing strategy and concerted effort by local distributors. 2018 has also been the first time Mitsubishi Motors has passed the 50,000 sales mark in Germany since 2000.

In Product terms, the 2018 calendar year performance reinforces Mitsubishi Motors’ strategy to build a clearly defined expertise in the areas of SUVs and electrified vehicles.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV continued to play the role of the Brand flagship, and demand remained strong following the introduction of the latest version which launched in September 2018. With improved EV and petrol-engine performance and significantly increased efficiency resulting in impressive WLTP figures of 139mpg and 46g/km, as well as a real-world EV range of 28 miles, the Outlander PHEV was the UK’s best-selling plug-in vehicle in 2018.

Released at the start of 2018, the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV has added over 27,000 incremental sales to the brand across Europe since launch, with the compact Mitsubishi ASX remaining above 30,000 sales in Europe.

Commenting on this result, Bernard Loire, President & CEO, Mitsubishi Motors Europe said: “Our 19% volume growth during CY2018 has proved the potential of our Brand in Europe. At this occasion, I would like to thank all Mitsubishi Motors customers and our distributors/dealers in Europe. We are convinced that it can grow further in volume in the near future.

He added: “The 2019 model year Outlander PHEV has generated a high level of interest and significant increase of customer orders; we intend that trend to continue with the new Mitsubishi Motors models to be launched over the coming months. Three of them are already lined up before major breakthroughs vehicles due to come on stream from CY2020 onwards.”

Bernard Loire concluded: “It will be the mission of the new MME organization to articulate and stage that effort at all levels of the customer experience: MME is now properly equipped in Marketing, Sales and After Sales to solidify and develop the Mitsubishi Motors Brand in the European market to support Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s global success.”

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a global automobile company based in Tokyo, Japan, which has a competitive edge in SUVs and pickup trucks, electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Since the Mitsubishi group produced its first car more than a century ago, we have demonstrated an ambitious and often disruptive approach, developing new vehicle genres and pioneering cutting-edge technologies. Deeply rooted in Mitsubishi Motors’ DNA, our brand strategy will appeal to ambitious drivers, willing to challenge conventional wisdom and ready to embrace change. Consistent with this mindset, Mitsubishi Motors introduced its new brand strategy in 2017, expressed in its “Drive your Ambition” tagline – a combination of personal drive and forward attitude, and a reflection of the constant dialogue between the brand and its customers. Today Mitsubishi Motors is committed to continuous investment in innovative new technologies, attractive design and product development, bringing exciting and authentic new vehicles to customers around the world.

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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MME CY2018 Sales Results

MME CY2018 Sales Results

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