Apr 15, 2015

A Mitsubishi dealership has lent a 4x4 pick-up to Adam Henson's Cotswold Farm Park to help it over the busy spring period. 

Firs Garage in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, has given the farm an L200, which is being used to tow trailer-loads of visitors on tours around the site.  

Kate Lord, Farm Park Manager, said: 'We have had an exceptionally busy time, especially over Easter, and we couldn't have done without the Mitsubishi L200. We're really grateful to Firs Garage for lending us the vehicle, which has been ideal. We just wish we could keep it!'

Run by rural TV presenter Adam Henson, Cotswold Farm Park in Gloucestershire offers visitors a chance to meet rare-breed animals, and the past eight weeks have seen live lambing and kidding shows. The farm, near Temple Guiting, was opened by Adam's father Joe in 1971 and last year it was named Farm Attraction of the Year by the National Farm Attractions Network.

The farm hosts regular tours and the Mitsubishi L200 has met the rigorous demands of farm life. The award-winning pick-up offers strength, reliability and versatility, putting the ‘fun’ into function.

Dean Wood, Dealer Principal at Firs Garage, said: 'When we heard Adam needed an extra vehicle to help over this busy period we knew the L200 was the vehicle for him. We were happy to help out and we're glad so many people got to enjoy a tour of the farm thanks to the L200. As a rural dealership we are a big supporter of the farming community, so it was great to be able to help Adam and the team.' 

Firs Garage was named Mitsubishi Dealer of the Year at last month's annual conference for UK Mitsubishi dealers – the second year in a row it was awarded the title. 


Picture caption: Display Team Supervisor Hannah Ward and Display Team Member Liam White with a Boreray lamb, the UK's rarest sheep breed 



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