Feb 3, 2015

HE’S set two world records already and now Britain’s fastest snowboarder has pulled off another global first after snowboarding at extreme speed behind an aircraft flying across an icy cold St Moritz in Switzerland – with help from Mitsubishi Motors in the UK.

Jamie Barrow’s incredible stunt, which is a modern interpretation of past British sporting eccentricity on the frozen St. Moritzersee involving pioneering aviators the Wright Brothers, is helping to mark 150 years of British ski tourism in St Moritz. Previous British sporting activities not normally associated with ice underfoot have also included cricket, horse racing and golf.

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK supported Jamie with his ‘Adventure Advanced’ journey, providing him with the perfect vehicle – a 2.2-litre ASX 4. The smart and efficient compact crossover has four-wheel-drive capability and Mitsubishi Active Stability Traction Control that reacts to wheel spin to ensure smooth starts and linear acceleration. It also has the top five-star Euro NCAP rating for safety.

‘Adventure Advanced’ is Mitsubishi’s innovative new marketing strategy for the ASX, which brings together lifestyle aspects of the sports cross-over vehicle with pioneering individuals and turns their ideas and adventures into reality.

Stewart McKee, General Manager of Press, Public Affairs and Events at Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said: ‘We are delighted to be supporting Jamie in this way. What he has achieved is truly remarkable and perfectly encapsulates Mitsubishi’s ASX “Adventure Advanced” message, seeing amazing individuals taking on amazing challenges.’

Twenty-two-year-old Jamie, who is based in Bath having graduated in Sports Performance at the city’s university, was born in Switzerland to UK parents. He has dual nationality and was brought up in the Alpine country, beginning his love affair with snow at 18 months when his mother and father introduced him to skiing, which he pursued until he was eight. Snowboarding then took over as his captivating passion and focus, and a summer snowboard camp in 2006 proved to be a turning point – it was the British team trials and he was selected for the junior team.

In 2007, Jamie started training with the British Senior Boardercross team, and over the following few years he took part in competitions around the world, becoming British Junior Boardercross Champion in three consecutive years: 2009, 2010 and 2011.

A serious back injury while competing in January 2013 forced him out of the British team, but Jamie was determined to continue snowboarding and went on to set the British speed snowboarding record in April 2013, reaching 151.6kph (94.19mph) in Verbier. He subsequently set the World Indoor Speed Record of 69.4kph (43.12mph).

And now he is one of Mitsubishi’s ‘Adventure Advanced’ ambassadors.

‘We wanted to try to do something that no-one has ever done before and were trying to come up with these crazy ideas when we hit on this idea of being towed behind a plane,’ said Jamie. ‘We didn’t think it’d be possible at first, but after looking into all the logistics and permissions and things, we found it was possible, so then came the months of planning. I just had this image of a plane in the air, a rope and me on the end of it. That’s what I had and I want to put that into reality. I just wanted that photo.’

Off the slopes, Jamie is involved with the sports charity Relays, through which he gives inspirational talks in schools, and is an Athlete Mentor for the Sky Sports Living for Sport initiative as well.

Before he left for St Moritz with his ASX from Mitsubishi’s UK headquarters in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Jamie said of the vehicle: ‘It’s absolutely amazing – better than I ever would have thought. When we found out about the Adventure Advanced idea, I was really excited about it and now actually seeing it in reality, it looks absolutely stunning – it’s such a nice car.

‘I’m very grateful to Mitsubishi indeed! They really have opened up doors for us. I think between the two of us it’s going to be a great partnership.


Captions: Jamie Barrow is hugged by his mum, Janet Barrow, after completing the stunt


Jamie is towed by the plane at up to 125kph


Jamie, fourth from left, with his team of supporters at the scene of his snowboarding triumph


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