Intelligent Motion : Introduction

Mitsubishi Motors has been at the forefront of technical innovation – a pace setter, a game-changer, setting the pace for the rest of the industry with our advanced and efficient technological systems.

At no time in mankind's history has attention on global climate issues been so acute, and we at Mitsubishi Motors in Japan and Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, want to play our part in helping reduce the impact that our endeavours, and our customers' activities, have on the environment.

The pure-electric i-MiEV is just one important part of the equation. With its zero emissions it will help drive down our – and our customers' – carbon footprint while contributing to cleaner air in our towns and cities, with health and environmental benefits for all.

Our story started some years ago… Did you know, for instance, that Mitsubishi Motors has been pioneering the use of 'green' plastics for components inside cars already on sale today? Or that we are using more and more components made from recycled, replaced Mitsubishi body parts?

Have you heard about our trailblazing moves to radically transform the production efficiency of the NedCar plant in Holland or about our industry-leading 'green' innovations such as FlexFuel systems, our Cedar Wood Waste project in Japan or our new generation of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles?

No? Well read on...

Our whole philosophy – which drives everything we do – is based on the Japanese ‘kaizen’ principle of constant evolution and improvement. It is borne out of a desire to never rest, to never accept the status quo, to never accept the thought that we have ever achieved enough.

So, for us here at Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, “Intelligent Motion” is a fitting banner under which we can place so much of what we do, and how we do it.

It’s about Intelligence, moving us in a specific direction. We call this Intelligent Motion.